School Depot has been managing and running school uniform shops for nearly 10 years. Many people believe that managing and running school shops is easy, this is quite the opposite. You need an experienced and professional approach to providing a service on school premises that both represents and protects your school brand.

School Depot has an experienced team that can provide a turnkey solution that will add value to your brand and provides a professional service to implement and keep your shop running smoothly.

Our shops and solutions are both on premise at the school and online providing 24/7 access to products, pricing and ordering services.

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Packaged Stationary

Packaged Stationary

Packaged stationery lists per grade at start of the year

Art & Design Supplies

Art & Design Supplies

Packaged Art and design supplies


Mobile Solutions

Airtime & Mobile Solutions

Laptop & IT Services

Laptop & IT Services

Laptops and IT related services


Stationary List

Limited stationery list onsite for emergency cases

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