Security Services

Email and Spam Protection:

Protect your business from virtual troublemakers

While your operation depends on email as a tool for communications and critical data storage, your email server can be an open doorway to cyber-intruders if you’re not aware and prepared.  Moreover, online attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated.   A smart and powerful email/spam protection strategy is critical to the safety of your business.

School Depot can shield you from spam, phishing, viruses, and malware. Additionally, our email systems increase productivity and efficiency, making email the essential tool it was meant to be.

Email and spam protection from SchoolDepot can help you:

School Depot makes email safe, efficient, and an asset to your business

We would like to be your IT support partner to help you:

Boost efficiency by providing proven technology based solutions on premise (hardware based solutions) or in the cloud ( hosted solutions)

Concentrate on growing your core business while we handle your technology needs and manage your IT environment.

Protect your business data and keep your computer network secure to ensure minimal downtime and manage your compliancy requirements.

Rest assured that your technology investment is working for you and we have your back with our IT support team.

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