Altaro Office 365 Backup is an annual subscription
program that enables you to back up and restore all your
Office 365 mailboxes – emails, attachments, contacts and
calendars – through an online console, giving you the
ability to centrally manage all your mailbox backups. Your
Office 365 mailboxes are conveniently backed up
to Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

With Altaro Office 365 Backup, you can back up and restore all your organization’s Office 365

mailboxes through an annual or multi-year subscription. And you can centrally manage and

monitor them your backups through Altaro’s cloud-based management console.

Altaro Office 365 Backup automatically backs up Office 365 mailboxes several times per day

and saves them to a secure cloud backup location on Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure.



Optimized for educational institutions, Altaro backup solutions are characterized by:

Join 5’000 organizations within the education sector that benefit from Altaro backup solutions:

Altaro VM Backup

Award-winning virtual machine (VM) backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware environments

Altaro Office 365 Backup

Office 365 mailbox backup and recovery solution with centralized backup management and storage to Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure

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Altaro provides two high-performance MSP solutions that enable you to manage all your customer Altaro backups from a single, multi-tenant online console, on a monthly subscription. You can centrally manage and monitor all your customers’ Hyper-V, VMware, physical and Office 365 backups. Pay Altaro per usage per month, with the flexibility to set your own pricing model for your customers.

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Learn more about Altaro Office 365 backup for mspS

Why do I need Altaro Office 365 Backup?

There’s a common misconception that Microsoft fully backs up Office 365 data as part of the subscription, but this is not the case.

Microsoft is responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure and ensuring Office 365 works, but it’s your responsibility to protect your Office 365 data.

Having a solid backup solution in place ensures that even if mailbox items disappear from the network or are rendered useless, you have access to a backed-up copy, eliminating problems or repercussions that could arise from the missing data.

Without a single backup location for a company’s mailboxes, this data cannot be protected and stored centrally for easy access, searching and recovery.

That’s why you need to back up your Office 365 mailboxes.

How Altaro Office 365 Backup helps you

As Microsoft does not offer its subscribers Office 365 backup and recovery services, you need your own reliable setup to deal with unexpected data loss or damage. Altaro provides the backup and recovery solution you need, giving you peace of mind should your Office 365 mailboxes be lost or damaged.

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