School Depot provides proactive IT support, data backup and management, secure systems design and ongoing support to streamline your
educational operations, increase productivity and boost student learning.

Our ability to provide an all-encompassing approach to your needs, will make sure your IT investment enhances your business and remains secure.

Let us partner together and we will manage the ongoing maintenance of your network, so you can focus on your business – education.

We would like to be your IT support partner to help you:

Boost efficiency by providing proven technology based solutions on premise (hardware based solutions) or in the cloud ( hosted solutions)

Concentrate on growing your core business while we handle your technology needs and manage your IT environment.

Protect your business data and keep your computer network secure to ensure minimal downtime and manage your compliancy requirements.

Rest assured that your technology investment is working for you and we have your back with our IT support team.

How the School Depot team can help you:

Managed Services

  • IT Consulting

  • Managed services

  • Desktop workstation support

  • Budget Planning

  • Network Design and Analysis

  • Windows Support

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Support

  • Security Policy Configuration and Audits

  • IT Relocation Services

Data Backup

Restore your systems and be back in business fast. Protect the business and data you’ve built with business continuity services.

Data Management:

With School Depot’s Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Plans you can:

  • Alleviate fears of losing data with regularly scheduled backups
  • Replace antiquated systems with modern technology that keeps your data up to date and secure
  • Protect against losing critical customer data and reduce potential liabilities
  • Ensure you are back in business quickly in the event of natural and other disasters
  • Defend your bottom line with School Depot’s assurance that your email, systems, and more are protected and ready for a quick recovery

Are you prepared for the unexpected? How long would it take for your business to recover from a disaster in which all of your data disappeared? And what impact would a data leak have on your customer relationships?

School Depot’s strategic backup and disaster recovery plan can ensure the safety of your data, your business, and your reputation.

A backup service tailored to your business needs

SchoolDepot has the expertise and experience to provide proactive data backup, as well as complete hardware and system recovery. We’ll take the time to learn about your business needs and your budget so we can create a customized, smart and strategic backup plan. We offer online backup services, hard drive and data backup, computer backup, offsite data backup and recovery services, hard drive and computer recovery, data recovery, remote data backup, or virtual data recovery.

Altaro Office 365 Backup
Altaro VM Backup

Security Services

Email and Spam Protection:

Protect your business from virtual troublemakers

While your operation depends on email as a tool for communications and critical data storage, your email server can be an open doorway to cyber-intruders if you’re not aware and prepared.  Moreover, online attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and sophisticated.   A smart and powerful email/spam protection strategy is critical to the safety of your business.

School Depot can shield you from spam, phishing, viruses, and malware. Additionally, our email systems increase productivity and efficiency, making email the essential tool it was meant to be.

Email and spam protection from SchoolDepot can help you:

School Depot makes email safe, efficient, and an asset to your business

Cloud Computing (Hosted Solutions)

Move to a more dynamic infrastructure and reduce IT expenses with Cloud computing and virtualization.

Virtualization services include but are not limited to:

  • Cloud computing services integration planning

  • Cloud based web hosting

  • Cloud storage

  • Microsoft Office 365 planning and migration

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange

  • Hosted Spam, virus filtering

  • Linux server maintenance and support

  • Desktop virtualization

  • Server virtualization

  • Virtualization management

  • Virtualization deployments

If you don’t have a virtualization strategy, you need one. While the traditional server-desktop infrastructure is still valuable, it’s soon to be outdated, as many software vendors are demanding a single server for their application for peak performance. And, if you’ve got multiple applications that require isolation, your infrastructure is unnecessarily taking up space and revenue.

With a traditional infrastructure, the costs of hardware, software, and maintenance add up fast. A slightly larger upfront investment in virtualization and cloud computing services can allow for continued growth with very little additional expense in the long run.

Server Virtualization

With proper design and deployment, server virtualization makes managing multiple servers easy and efficient.  It also gives you exponential flexibility, making it a must have for any small, medium or large business – especially if you want room for that business to grow.

Desktop Virtualization

The logical extension of server virtualization is desktop virtualization, which extends your infrastructure beyond the server. Because of the advancements in both hardware and virtualization software, desktop virtualization today can deliver the same user experiences as a full PC. However, you get a lower “Total Cost of Ownership,” quick deployment and better, more facile management tools.

Cloud Computing Services

With Cloud Computing you can further the efficiency of your IT – but only if you do it right. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and School Depot all have offerings for you to ‘easily’ enter the world of the cloud, but you need someone who has deep expertise in the technology and understands your business to help you make it work for you.