Altaro backup solutions for the education sectorJoin 5,000+ educational organizations that benefit from Altaro’s backup solutions for Hyper-V, VMware and Office 365

Ease of use

You can install Altaro VM Backup or Altaro Office 365 Backup and conduct your first backup within 15 minutes max.

Ongoing reliability

Enjoy peace of mind about your data protection thanks to Altaro’s rock-solid backup and recovery technologies. Simply set it and forget it; and solve the problem before it even happens!

Cost-cutting efficiency

Altaro provides the robust functionality you need without any unnecessary features that only serve to increase complexity and cost. This way, Altaro maximizes your resources as you do not need a large IT team or steep learning curve to install it and maintain it.

Outstanding 24/7 support

If anything goes wrong, you have a team of Altaro experts to count on, 24//7, included in the price.

Fuss-free manageability

If you manage multiple sites, then Altaro’s centralized Cloud Management Console will provide all the information you need through a single pane of glass, saving you time and hassles.

Education-specific pricing

Because we know that IT budgets at academic institutions are typically tight, we provide an automatic 15% discount, so you can enjoy premium offerings for less.

Storage savings

Additionally, you can make the best storage saving in the industry thanks to the advanced Augmented Inline Deduplication provided with Altaro VM Backup; And there are no separate storage costs with Altaro Office 365 Backup.

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